Speed: Hip flexor and glute exercises for speed boost?

The first thing that I would tell a guy asking to increase his speed its that the muscles around the hips are KEY. As you probably already know, hip flexors (or psoas major& minor) are muscles which attach from the lumbar spine to the upper femur, making them barely visible and not exactly the sexiest muscle to work out. (Not many people will be strengthening these muscles). They lift the thigh up towards the abdomen and are the prime mover in taking strides when running. Oppositely, the gluteus maximus and medius are muscles which push the thigh downwards, against the floor when running.
Anyway, science lesson over, the point is, the stronger & more enduring these muscles are, the quicker you will be able to move your legs from the top and obviously the faster you will be able to run. Thankfully, you will not need any retail equipment to strengthen these muscles or weights.
Hip flexors
You will need: something or someone to hold your feet down
Hook your feet under something which can hold your body weight down and sit it a ‘sit up’ position. Your feet need to be about shoulder width apart.
The important thing at this point is the angle of your knees, you should be sitting so that your knees are at a 90 degree angle when lying down
The motion is rater like a sit up with a slight variation. you should raise your body up, making sure that you lift your whole back off the floor at the same time. This ensures that the strain is placed purely on the hip flexors.
Arms can be placed across chest for light, behind head for medium and straight & above the head for heavy.
Try to complete 2 sets of 25

Gluteus maximus

You will need: A bed, sofa or the arm of a chair. You will be able to apply this to any platform you want.
Place both of your hands and your left knee on the platform. Facing parallel to the side of the platform so that the whole right leg is over the edge and the right knee is resting.
Straighten the right leg and raise it at the hip. the range of motion should be from the foot touching the ground to the foot being higher that the hips (all the while keeping a straight let at the knee.
try to complete 2 sets of 25.

These two exercises will increase your speed, stride length and also your stability. Try to get these in weekly and you will see results fast, gaining an edge on your competition
Good luck and run fast


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